About Claire

About Claire Michelle


Claire writes music that touches people. Her spirit and energy captivates people. Who she is is best described by her fan mail.

“It was like an angel touched my ears and held me and told me everything will be okay. I felt as if my heart was being hugged by a warm blanket on a crisp fall morning. I cried while driving. It’s not my usual style of music but holy cow I felt the chills.” – Jess Bruner on Fall

“I stumbled across one of your vlogs today and I just could not stop watching. You seem to have a have a beautiful spirit! You touched my heart. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos and listening to more of your music.” – Steven Root

“Hi Claire, I just wanted to say you and your story are inspirational. I have slowly begun coming out as transgender over the past year, and you have shown me that it is possible to live your dream and be who you’re meant to be.” – Carly Kepart