Young, transgender and way, way out in Seattle

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(TAKEN FROM SEATTLEPI, Written By Levi Pulkkinen,)

The young woman speaks through the screen, her voice light and rising, stretching toward a soft touch at each statement’s end.

Claire Michelle talks about her new reality, her path from boyhood to womanhood. She tells the little stories – she gets colder now than when she had a man’s body, she wonders aloud about the width of her shoulders – that build her larger one.

It is nearly two years since she transitioned from private person to ascendant YouTube persona. Like the changes to her body, her self-propelled outing has been gradual but directed.

Michelle, 23, was born male and mostly lived that way until October 2014, when she made two big changes – she left her central Michigan home for Seattle, and she started hormone therapy as she left her birth sex behind.

In the years before her gender transition, she’d turned to Reddit and YouTube for guidance. She saw broadcasting her own story as a way to return the kindness.

“I felt the best way to give back to those who’d really helped me on Reddit was to vlog,” she said.

Here is one of her favorites. (Like the other videos included in this story, this one features descriptions of medical and sexual matters.)

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